Saturday, April 26, 2014

episode 2: start or end?

hey morale, u know what.

i think, i know wht's wrong with me.

it abt us. or maybe it's abt you or anyone who cant cope with me.

seriously, u've changed. i can see that.

but its okay. im fine. it's second time. im okay. 

so, i guess, mayb i can say goodbye this time. 

thanks for all the memories. 

till u meet the perfect one. perfect for understand you, perfect for trustin you. perfect for your future, person-i-cant-called-you-morale-anymore. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

episode 1

assalamualaikum. hai guys!

eh lame nyeeeeeee cik bella tak bebel kan?

rindu tak? rindu tak?

it is almost end of semester 6. omg! fasttt enough right time passes?

act, cik bella cm nk delete je the old post but it is not fair right. lets bygone be bygone.

im strong enough right now to faced the truth.

experiences make me realised on everything.

i wish the best for you. for us. goodbye memories~