Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my hero after my dad :)

hi guys. pls make sure u find the close button before read tis post.hee

thanks ncikR . . .

for understanding me.

for always tellin me the truth.

for always listening to my talk and bebel every night.

for spendin some of time eventhough u're tired and sleepy.

for thinking abt us. abt tis relationship.

for worried abt me. always ask me to eat whenever we met. hihi

for ask me to take care of my skin and looks so that our child will be cute as me. ;p

for honest in everything.

for tellin ur mistakes and past.


im really appreaciate every tiny thing u've done to me. 

p/s: oke. geli sgt kan. hee. #blom tntu ncikR nie bce. confirm! hhe


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