Thursday, March 7, 2013

birthday maybe :)


hi guys. oke i know some ppl mayb already know what im gonna to post.

im just wanna tell.

thanks to Allah because im still breathin until today.

thanks to mama. i dun think it easy to bring me to this world and carryin 3.9kg everyday. thanks mum :)

thanks to ayah. i know. im pampered. im the noty one. thank ayah iloveyou more than i can say!

thanks to sisters. for understand my kerenah. my bebelan. thanks along. aten. tira. thanks for all ur sacrifice. ur worried. ur everything!

#nk nanges seriously. im 21 years old today! shock. dah tua rupenye. boleh kawen dah nie. *kawan ckp lah bukan cik bella ckp. hihik

ye. sye kuat makan. sekian =.=''

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