Monday, December 22, 2014

goodbye 2014

assalamualaikum wbt

heyy, lama kan tak update belog busyuk masham ni.

okay tetiba mood nk bebel ni datang.

erm actually this post takde significant or specific issue to bebel on.

it just like to say goodbye for the best and bad memories in 2014.

this year i found someone who really made my day and i learn a lot from him.

pernah tak fikir kita takkan selamanya bahagia dgn org kita cinta tu.

walau seiras mana wajah kau ngn dia.

walau setepat mana tarikh lahir kau dgn dia.

walau sedekat mana rumah kau dgn dia.

walau sekerap mana kau berjumpa dgn dia.

kau takkan bahagia kalau kau tak ikut kata hati kau.

you know who you are, and im writing this post is for you, yes you.

we are not even setaraf. i've got nothing but u've everything.

its like langit dan bumi. and you realised that.

so from now on, im leaving you.

you should sayin that goodbye words act, suppose it should not come out from me.

i should realised from the start.


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