Tuesday, May 29, 2012

for our siblings in syria, palestin and around the world.

ALLAH, thanks for every second and every minute that YOU have given me for improve myself to become a good muslimah.

forgive for all my mistakes. i wish i can make everything in order in future. ALLAH, pls guide me.

protect all muslims in the world. we need YOU. without YOU, we're helpless. pls muslims, stay unite. zionis is trying to separate us. ISLAM, we're siblings. do not kill each other, politics-pls do not make things become worst, do unite. world is gettin end in anytime. zionis, pls do not disturb us anymore! ALLAH is watchin you. maybe you can win this time but not in the judgement day.

#falsafah sains's effect.

maaf. post kali nie serius. and pls aware ttg nie. i love islam :')

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