Wednesday, May 30, 2012


the diseases that im suffering now. :'(

1. homesick

well, i know between kajang n upm just a few minute to reach it but i really2 do love my house compared to college. yes, im 'anak manje' cause i deeply love my mum, dad and myyyyy  sis. who's care wanna called me 'budak tak bole berdikari' or whatsoever. cik bella tak kesah oke. wekkk! ;p

2. physick syndrome

due to my degree courses  now, im suffering this extraordinary sickness. wherever i go, i will always sees the phenomenon and try to linked it with physics. einstein must be proud to have someone like me in this k-pop era. haha. oke, k-pop tade kne mngena. sian k-pop kne bhn plak.

3. lovesick? i guess. hee~

mst igt cik bella nk letak gmba owg ue yg buat bella lovesick an. huhu. tidakkk jwpn nye. *ceh, mcm la ade owg teka ue nbila, yakin je membebelnye.
oppss. back to english version, hehe. lovesick is normal. yes, im normal but this sick has no pill or antibiotic to cure it. *scary huh? well, the only thing that make it cure and stay healthy is the person who make youre sick of. hehe. eh eh, mcm pkar cinta plak ckp an.

oke oke. nahh gamba nye :)

p/s: thats all oke. cik bella tak pasti ade owg bce ke tak post kali nie. tp tak kesah la. bebel je kan. t bole suh anak2 murid buat summary psl blog nie utk markah assignmnt. *takpsl je. hee

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